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  • Warwick Folk Festival, and the Great Western Pub – part 2

    Having rolled home around 00:45 on Saturday (Oysterband ran long due to encores), I slept in a bit.  Decided to wander over to the Festival around 11:30 A.M., and looked for lunch.  Fortune smiled, and there was a Caribbean food stand offering curried mutton, saltfish fritters, jerk chicken and more.  Enquired after the curried mutton, […]

  • Warwick Folk Festival, and the Great Western Pub – part 1

    It was the Warwick Folk Festival over the weekend just gone, and I decided that I should enjoy summer while it’s here.  Nipped down to the ticket office on Friday afternoon, purchased a ticket for the entire weekend, and then zipped home after work to grab the D80, lenses, flash, and battery packs.  Hopped on […]

  • Autostarting Glassfish on CentOS

    I’ve been working with Glassfish recently, from the system administration point of view.  First task, after getting a good build with Maven (doing it with basic rpm methods netted me a massive dependency list, including things like Firefox!), was to write an init script so that Glassfish can be integrated into the CentOS boot sequence. […]

  • Cutting my electricity usage

    I’ve been bitten by the ‘how much electricity am I using?’ bug recently – prompted by looking at my 6-monthly statement from my current electricity supplier.  $work happens to have a utilities component to it, so I asked if I could borrow one of our in-the-house whole-house electricity monitors to see if an offer for […]

  • Windows XP, VPNs and DNS

    I have a work-supplied laptop.  Until this week, whenever I activated the PPTP VPN to work, I was able to resolve all of our internal servers by DNS name.  This is good, it means I can navigate our network at work without remembering IP addresses. This week I’m on call.  I had to VPN in […]

  • Whoa, it’s April

    And mid-way through April at that.  UberCon X is next weekend, and I’ll be going – carry-on is already packed with the camera and some basic clothing (in case my checked luggage vanishes).  Train and bus tickets are purchased, just have to arrange the journey to the local train station. Been playing with Lightroom 2, […]