Went karting last night with the guys from work (work paid).  It was a blast, but I’m paying for it this morning.  My boss, ever so smartly, has taken today off – but some of us have to be in to keep the department running!  Arms hurt, back hurts (bruised on the spinal area), shoulder isn’t happy (wrenched it getting out of the kart), muscles on top of my shins hurt and there are a few more bruises around my hips.

I came to the conclusion by the end of the practice laps that karts are made for people under 6′ tall, and who weigh less than 180 pounds. At 6′ 4″, and past the 220 pound mark, I had distinct trouble keeping my foot off the brake, especially as I went around right-hand bends.  Power:weight ratio was quite low as well.  Best personal lap time was 21.80 seconds, best lap time for the group was 20.09, best lap time on the track is 18.35.  Can’t complain.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.
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