And mid-way through April at that.  UberCon X is next weekend, and I’ll be going – carry-on is already packed with the camera and some basic clothing (in case my checked luggage vanishes).  Train and bus tickets are purchased, just have to arrange the journey to the local train station.

Been playing with Lightroom 2, and so far I’m impressed.  A good reason to get a second panel, preferably one of the higher-end persuasion, as LR2 supports multi-head setups now.

Work = busy busy.  Been extending my knowledge and skills with the RedHat kickstart system by adding Puppet to the mix, and providing a deployment and management system.  Also comes under the disaster recovery stuff we’re doing – restore the VM images that run the deployment and puppetmaster servers, and I can re-deploy all of our Linux servers in a few hours, fully configured.

Whoa, it’s April
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