Late start to the morning, but we had no great urgency since it’s less than two hours from Greystones to Blue Opal’s mooring. We went ashore, paid for the berth, had hot showers, and went over to La Creperie for breakfast. Nice galettes.

We were away by noon, and immediately faced into a sea being driven by the NE winds onto a shelving shore. Full throttle for steerage, and eventually we got to a place where the main could be put up, and we could bear away for Daley Island. Unfurled some yankee after a while, and we were doing a nice 6 – 6.5 knots on the flood tide.

Leaving Greystones

Dalkey sound was as flat as ever, so we furled the yankee and put the mackerel lures on the line. Nothing bit between Dalkey and the West Pier. Then something was on the line, but by the time it was reeled in, it was gone. Seals like to take fish off of lines around here, so that might have happened, or the fish wiggled off.

We moored up, and started putting the boat away, finally getting off around 1700 when hunger (post lemon sole lunch) and the thought of a large bed got to us. Delivery Chinese takeaway for dinner tonight. First load of laundry is in the machine, so that’ll go on the line tomorrow. We’ll go back tomorrow to pack up properly, and unload. Cleaning might happen, or it might not.

A tern enjoying a bit of stale sandwich

Thus ends the 2021 sailing holiday. Still have to work out how water is getting into the locker under the stove; only happens when sailing so far, and I need to test if it’s water coming in via the gas locker, or via the toe rail. Probably the toe rail cap, which is going to be a pain.

Total distance: 11.69 NM
Average speed: 4.32 knots
Total time: 02:54:39
Download file: Greystones to Dun Laoghaire.gpx
A Sailing Holiday – Greystones to Dun Laoghaire
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