Weather has helped us decide to stay in Kilmore Quay over the weekend; we’ll tank water and diesel before moving onwards, and onwards is currently aimed at Glandore (may as well get as far down as we can, if we can).

Kilmore Quay facilities are small, but perfectly fine for a small visitor contingent. One washer/dryer (5 EUR per machine!), and a coin-based shower system where one Euro gets you 4 minutes (unpausable) of hot water.

We arrived on Saturday, and promptly went ashore for fish and chips at what is meant to be Ireland’s best chipper. The beer battered fish was absolutely delicious, the chips – eh, chippy chips.


Sunday started out grey and damp, so perfect for doing a load of laundry and showering. We also visited the Memorial Park that’s at Kilmore Quay – sobering to see all the names of the people lost at sea.

The day then turned fine(r), so we donned some clothing suitable for the walking trail through the dunes etc, and went for a walk. Packed the picnic blanket in case we wanted to stop anywhere and have a sit-down, and this turned out to be quite fortuitous, as the forecast wasn’t quite right.

We came across some moths enjoying the nectar of some flowers – I think they’re six-spot burnets (archive). It was good to have my 105mm Nikkor Micro lens on me, as it’s purpose made for doing macro work, though normally you’d do it with a tripod and possibly lights.

Half way through the walk, after changing from jeans to shorts, the rain swept in out of the south, and the picnic blanket was rapidly turned into a big poncho to cover both of us. Worked pretty well, and the drops of rain were not small!

We then spent the next hour+ on the beach, taking photos of the scenery, the crashing waves, patterns of rocks, a person fishing, and people surfing the break off of Forlorn Point. Saw some good wipe-outs, and some good runs.

Tomorrow we’ll head for Helvick as we push west. Tonight’s dinner is using up the leftover chippy chips, leftover chili con carne, and some cherry tomatoes – all cooked in the Boaties oven pan (archive).

A Sailing Holiday – Kilmore Quay
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