Back in early 2018, I posted about the light fittings in the saloon and forward cabin, and how they were falling apart. I’ve finally found an appropriate replacement fitting, courtesy of (Wayback) – the Cantalupi DIANA 85. Boatlamps were able to supply both regular warm white LED lights (the default), and a red LED light (installed by them) for the chart table. The bulb fitting is a standard G4.

I finally finished installing them this weekend. Unlike the existing Cantalupi ROGER (Wayback) lights, the DIANAs are fitted to the trim with three #4 screws, self tapping stainless work well here. They come with a gasket that can be stuck to the light fixture, and the bulb can be replaced without removing the screws – the metal trim twists off. In contrast, the ROGER style had to be fully removed from the saloon trim – risking your fingers being pinched by the spring-loaded wings, or the metal shearing.

The existing terminal blocks were corroded, and I’m not really a fan of them. Yes, I’m replacing a single terminal block chunk with three separate Wago connectors, but I also find the Wago layout much easier to follow. A “positive bus” from the panel at the chart table runs in the first two positions on a triple connector, with the third position going to the switch. From the switch goes into a double connector, and the other side of the double goes to the lamp. Negative is on a triple connector, again a bus and a leg. The actual wiring could probably do with replacement as well, as it’s not tinned – however, the copper looked pretty shiny once I trimmed it back, so it’ll do for now.

The switches are high-inrush ones; a copy of the PDF is over on the Manuals page. They’re still manufactured, so easy to get replacements; the one in my hand was a bit dodgy, but started working properly after I flicked it a few times.

Updating the cabin lights
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