A pottering weekend

Now that I’ve got a bed, I’ve moved off of my boat and back to dry land (though Ireland can have a tendency to disagree with the marrying of those words), even if the house isn’t actually finished. The major holdup has been the electrician; he’s finally started showing up again, and bare wires are getting second fixed with sockets etc. Once he’s done, the decorator can do final filling, sanding, painting, and then the carpet fitter can fit the carpet.

Saturday saw me

  • emptying out under the stairs so that I can fit some underlay and floor boards (to keep the dust down),
  • moving a bunch of flooring bits out of the kitchen,
  • packing a skip with the help of someone I know,
  • cleaning some window surrounds,
  • cleaning the kitchen countertops and chucked out the protective cardboard,
  • playing an hour+ of Stardew Valley with K.

Slow, but steady progress now that most of the dust making work is done.

Had to go buy a new saw to do the skip packing; my battery powered circular saw is over 10 years old, and the battery lasted all of three cuts. I’ll need to replace it with a plunge saw or similar at some point, but for now a stiff hand saw does the trick – it’ll cut about 2.5 – 4 cm on a single stroke, which is plenty for carving up old chipboard wardrobe units. Also works well for cutting laminate flooring.

Sunday was all about

  • laying down the underlay and laminate under the stairs (started backwards, couldn’t get boards to go together, worked it out),
  • going to the Sunday market for lunch,
  • discovering the hardware store was open (apparently he opens randomly on a Sunday) and buying primer and paint for under the stairs,
  • priming the walls under the stairs,
  • loading hundreds of euro of unusable (damaged from taking it up) flooring into the skip,
  • sweeping and power washing the front yard,
  • trying to find my sharp knives in the packed moving boxes; found my favourite mug instead, and a battered LACK table,
  • grocery shopping