In a recent post, I mentioned wanting to replace the paddle wheel on Blue Opal with something that isn’t a paddle wheel. The two options appear to be ultrasonic and electromagnetic.

On the ultrasonic front, the main contenders appear to be nke and AIRMAR.

On the electromagnetic front, nke show up again, as do NASA Marine.

The AIRMAR unit is the UST800 / UST850 (different hole sizes), and is easily a cool 1000 EUR or so 😢. The nke gear appears to be in the same price bracket.

Surprisingly the NASA Marine unit is about 160 GBP. My only worry is whether it would fit into the existing Raymarine paddlewheel fitting, or if I’d need to cut that out of the hull and glass in the new unit.

Edit: Contacted NASA Marine, and while the EML-2 is the same bore size, it’s shorter than the existing gear I have, so it’d be a complete change-out job. I asked if they’d consider a variant that’s taller to be like-for-like replacement, and the answer was that most people ask for it to be shorter!

Wanted: non-paddlewheel speed log that doesn’t break the bank
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