When Blue Opal was launched back in April, the yard in Pwlhelli had installed a cone-type anode on the end of the prop for me. With Blue Opal on the slip this weekend gone, I figured it was worth checking that the anode was still present. Spoiler, it wasn’t.

A quick visit to the local chandlery turned up two types of anode that might work – a cone type for the end, and a clamping collar type for the prop shaft. I bought both, on the assumption that one or the other would fit correctly. Alas, I measured the diameter of the bolt required for the cone, but not the depth, and even then managed to get a bolt that was too small (needed a 6mm, got a 5mm).

The shaft-clamp style went on easily enough, so at least there’s some localised protection now. Still need to get the grounding wire from the stern gear to the main anode though.

Dad and I (mostly Dad) also scraped off the weed and other bits of growth that was clinging on despite the SeaJet antifoul. Dad also evicted a crab and other sealife from the speed sensor, and I’m now contemplating an ultrasonic speed sensor, because cleaning that paddle wheel is getting tedious.

The prop got powerwashed as well, and the shaft was lightly sanded to get a good clean contact for the collar anode.

More anodes, and a quick hull clean
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