I was peacefully minding my own business on Blue Opal this afternoon, after work, when I heard a rattling of sails and some yelling. A mast came past my saloon window, and then there was a very loud bang from up forward.

I dashed up on deck to see a 1720 from one of the local training schools, helmed by an instructor, sailing away from me having tacked. A “I’m sorry” came floating over the water…

The downside of a dark blue hull is that things like a 1720 clobbering you with their stern quarter as they fail to tack properly stands out. I have as yet to work out where this mark translates to internally, but given how strong Blue Opal’s hull is, I doubt there’s any structural damage. There’s been initial contact from the sailing school, so hopefully this will get sorted out peaceably.

Things that go “bang” in the day
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