The GPS on Blue Opal has been failing recently, claiming that it can’t get a fix. The common answer in the forums is that the battery has died, and should be replaced – spot welding the tabs will be the hard bit, but doable. So, I took mine off the railing, and discovered that it really wasn’t a happy bunny.

The top plastic cover was cracked, and all the threads were seized. Snipped the NMEA cable (I’ve got plenty of length, and can do a splice in the lazarette to fix it back), took it below, and went at it with the rubber wrenches. No dice. Cracked the plastic mushroom right off, figuring I can replace it somehow, and found that every single thread was totally seized.

Cleaned off the crap, popped off the lid, and concluded that I need a new one.

There were salt deposits inside the unit, the board has rusted, and the battery is putting out 2.9V.

RIP GPS mushroom
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