The collection of fenders for Blue Opal had everything from 4 mm braid on braid (a recent acquisition after the storms that went through Ireland) to 10 mm three-strand. Some of it was stiff, another was completely frayed. A nice little job today, while I was off sick, was sitting down with a length of 8 mm three-strand and splicing a bunch of new ropes on to the fenders. Once I could remember how to actually start a three-strand splice, it was a doddle.

The new ropes are a bit long, but I don’t mind having the long tail on them – better than too short!

Also installed the replacement bulb in the head, now that I finally have the correct double-contact bulbs, instead of the incorrect single-contact bulbs. Yanked out one of the house batteries as well, since it was reading 8V, and that was after charging!

New fender ropes
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