Winter update

Blue Opal is sitting at her mooring, and I’m looking for a pleasant day to go sailing in winter. So far it’s either been silly windy (and cold), or too damn cold and no wind. Yesterday was looking good initially, but then it started to rain… not heavy rain, just the type of misty rain that soaks you through in a few minutes. Her spray hood is off, and down below, due to the storms that went through Ireland back in September. Hard to believe it’s already December.

Need to bring Blue Opal alongside some time this winter though, and get her hull cleaned and the anode replaced. According to the manual, the Volvo seal on the engine shaft will need lubricating too; that’s going to be an interesting challenge. Her washboards could use some attention too, but for that I really need a good working space – I’m tired of trying to do things on my balcony in the winds that gust around the apartment block.

Aslana is ashore – spent the morning at the club helping the new owner get her out of the water during the club lift. Poor chap learnt about shear pins in outboard motors as he tried to bring her to the pontoon; thankfully I noticed his dilemma and was able to get the launch directed his way to help him out.