Blue Opal was alongside today so that I could get some shore power to run a steam pressure cleaner (a simple Kärcher one) in the head to get rid of some of the dirt on the fittings and piping. Alas, I couldn’t get actual shore power, because her 16A -> Marinco cable isn’t long enough – something that only matters at the club, but probably not in any marina I’ll ever visit.

With a falling tide, I decided it was time to head out, before the fairway to the pontoon was too shallow for me to pass. The video above is from the club SlipCam, and it shows how I was using the propwash that comes off on starboard to ease Blue Opal out, given Hobbes was only a metre or two off of my stern.

Not in the video – the thoughts in my head going “Please come round, please come round, don’t hit Hobbes

Leaving the pontoon
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