Blue Opal’s water system is fairly simple – a large stainless tank under the forward berths, plus a triangular Plastimo tank ahead of the big one. They’re both connected to a T connector that heads off towards the Jabsco pump. There’s an in-line filter attached to the pump inlet, and after leaving the pump, there’s a T connector to split out galley from head. The one thing that’s missing in this setup is any semblance of ball valves to allow me to stop the water flow.

Enter the latest round of shopping:

Supplies from the local chandlery and Force4.

Accumulator tank (expansion vessel if used on a boiler), three BSP 1/2 inch ball valves, 3 metres of hose, and a few other bits and pieces for mounting everything. Missing: a piece of plywood to attach the pump to.

The existing pump installation – the lower pipe is the inlet from the tanks:

Locker space with the pump and all the wiring from the mast. Need to be careful in my pump placement so the hose doesn’t interfere with the access to the waterproof compartment.

Basic plan is to cut the hoses from the tanks, fit in the ball valves ahead of the T to provide isolation of tanks, and cutoff of water to the system, move the pump to the opposite locker wall where a new piece of plywood will be waiting, and mount the accumulator tank where the pump currently resides.

Pipe from the steel tank
Pipe from the plastic tank, and the T connector feeding the pump

The third ball valve will probably go between the accumulator tank and the T connector that splits the head from the galley. There’s another T connector under the sink that splits the galley feed over to the hot tank, but I don’t think I need isolation on that part of the setup.

Water system upgrade
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