Aslana came to me with a clutch and a cleat on the starboard coachroof, and a cleat on the port coachroof. Unfortunately, everything is in different positions, so the access hatches are in different places. To top it off, the pads behind the old winch and the old cleat were feeling their age (as evidenced by a chisel taking half of a pad off in ~2 blows).

So, to fit the new winches, new access hatches and new backing pads are required. Getting a jigsaw into the cramped, curved space wasn’t really an option, so out came the masking tape and the Dremel with cut-off discs.

At ~20,000 RPM, it goes through that inner liner like a hot knife through butter; though I’ve never seen butter give off so much dust.

Also had to cut two access hatches for the clutches; same technique worked a charm. The only thing left to do, looks-wise, is find a way to put a neat cover over the access holes – the nuts are going to stick out below the liner level, so some creative thinking is called for

Dremel for the win
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