Spent 5 hours working on Aslana today. Started the repair to the forward hatch coaming; it’ll get finished on the next sunny day, so that the epoxy will have at least semi-set when I close the hatch for the night. Today was about 12 degrees C, so just enough to get the first batch setting properly before I left for the day.

Decided that the handrails needed to be cleaned up, so I took them off of the coachroof (after a bit of swearing at the sealant that had bonded them to it – pulling on the handrail flexed the coachroof!) and applied liberal amounts of 80 grit and 240 grit sandpaper (on a mouse, lovely little tool). Also applied sandpaper to the areas where the rails are bonded to the coachroof; they’re pretty mucky with things like varnish on them. Well, they were pretty mucky, they’re now much better.

Found one of the rails has some water damage in a single foot, but that’s all scraped away ready for filling with epoxy and colloidal. They’re a lovely pair of teak handrails, and a pleasure to work on; though it did take about 3 hours of sanding!

Handrails and the coachroof
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