Dad dropped by yesterday to give me a hand with de-wallpapering the front bedroom.  The first steamer was a bust, it appeared to have thermostat problems.  Quick trip back to HSS, and I had a working steamer (2.7 kW heater + tank of water).  In about 6 hours, with a pause to take the radiator off of the wall, bust the valve-pipe mating slightly and scramble to find a fix, we manage to de-paper and de-paint the entire front bedroom, which is something like 980 square feet of wall.  There were 2 layers of paint on every wall, followed by 4 layers of wallpaper (on one wall at least), followed by another layer of paint.  The plaster looks so much better!

Needless to say, Dad and I were knackered after that event.  I actually had trouble getting to sleep due to the complaint from my muscles, and ended up taking some aspirin to make it possible to sleep.  I believe my muscles have filed an injunction against me, prohibiting their use in such a manner again.  Little do they know that I have every intent of doing 3 more rooms by the end of June.

Revamping the house – part 1
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