Well, the ball is rolling for me to move south by about 60 miles as the crow flies. I’ve accepted a job at a utilities company as a system administrator, and if things go as planned, I should be starting there at the beginning of July. Cue frenzied packing, cleaning and decorating of the current property, so that it can be put up for rent. Mum was over Sunday gone to give me some help. I’ve contacted a charity furniture removal organisation – there’s a mattress and Welsh dresser that I don’t need, and would rather someone else got use from them, rather than chucking them in the tip. If the budget allows, and I replace the radiators as I go, I’ll have some old radiators that’ll need chucking too.

And so the checklist begins

  • Buy-to-let mortgage for the current property
  • New flooring where needed (bad floorboards)
  • New carpet
  • Removal of all the old, decrepit wallpaper, replacement with new or paint
  • Finishing off the sealant in the bathroom (first go was bad), wall in bathroom, vinyl flooring in bathroom, skirting in bathroom
  • Lick of paint on all doors, architraves
  • Finish the electric cable run up to the shed
  • Chuck as much stuff as I can into a self-storage place. Current estimates are about 20 pounds per week, depending on the space I use.
  • Second coat of paint in the kitchen, upstand for the countertop
  • Finish running phone cable to kitchen from upstairs
  • Sand, paint all windowsills
  • Tile kitchen windowsills?
  • Replace front and back doors with new uPVC doors
  • Other stuff I’ve probably forgotten, like electric and gas certifications for rental

(This post has been held back for about a week, while I waited for $dayjob to tell the rest of the company.)

Onwards and southwards – ta-ra ta-ra!
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