The Internet is a wonderful thing, even if some people do think it’s made of tubes. When I lived in Pennsylvania, MJ had mentioned how she used to work at a florist, and I’ve managed to use them ever since then for her birthday and Christmas. They’re a friendly company, and I’ve been talking to the same pair of women there for several years now – I wonder if they remember me from year to year. Moving certainly throws their automated system off 🙂

Today, I needed to order a bouquet of flowers – and the name of the florist escaped me 🙁 Searched Google high and low, and didn’t have any luck at all. Tried calling a contact at the college I used to work at – voicemail. Then Kevin suggested I use Google Maps.. doh! Google Maps, florists near 17701. Presto, Nevill’s. I had been searching for Neville’s. Go me. Two phone calls later, and my order is placed, and delivery is set for Monday. MJ, if you read this before then, you better be in on Monday!

The old fashioned way of finding it would have involved long distance phone calls via BT, which would have been a small fortune in calls to directory assistance for Williamsport. New fangled way? Google + VoIP.

The Usefulness of the Internet
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