Well, it’s now pretty much 2 months since I returned from my Christmas cruise through the Panama Canal. I carried my Canon A75 with me, Mum brought her A65, and Dad had the older Kodak DC3400. Mum also brought her Archos digital jukebox – I had bought it for her as an early birthday/Christmas gift several months before the trip (right before UberCon IV) – but forgot to bring the compact flash reader attachment.

By the end of the trip, I had managed to take 1164 photographs, totalling just over 1 gigabyte of images. This was after deleting numerous movies and images that didn’t make the grade on the camera’s display. I had only taken my 32, 64 and 128 MB cards with me (all that I owned!), banking on the fact that Mum was bring a 20 GB jukebox with a CF adapter – thank the $deities of digital photography that one of the ports we visited had a 512 MB CF card on sale for about 60 USD.

The cruise started in Florida, and ended in San Diego via Aruba, the Panama Canal, Huatulco, Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas. We were meant to go to Costa Rica as well, but a gentleman on board developed internal bleeding as we were sailing from Panama City to Punteranas, so the ship had to turn around to take him to hospital. The only option the captain had was to skip Costa Rica – so I’ll have to get back there one day to see what I missed.

Panama Canal
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