Growing up in the Caribbean has apparently given me a liking for various ‘ethnic’ foods, such as (what is colloquially called) Chinese, Thai, Indian and of course, Caribbean. I suppose I could also blame my parents for feeding me things like stir-fry, roti and curry as a child, but blame would be the wrong word – thank would be the right one. I ran out of anything that looked vaguely appetizing for lunch today. Fortunately, there was a menu for one of the local Thai restaurants, Art of Siam (ST5 1QL), on my fishtank and a quick glance before leaving the house confirmed it – Thai for lunch.

So, lunch was a phad thai, and what they advertise as a golden basket. I am now comfortably sated, and pondering the current British weather. For those not in the know, phad thai is fried rice noodles with prawns (decent sized ones too), bean sprouts, ground peanut, egg and spices; a truly wonderful dish, recommended by a mate at work a few months ago. A golden basket was just some deep fried prawns in tempura batter, and onion rings. The prawns would have been better if it hadn’t been a takeaway, as there was too much steam in the container. Oh, and they gave me reusable containers instead of the usual stiff card that the local Chinese restaurants are fond of. All for 7 quid, and I still have some chili sauce and prawn crackers for a snack tonight.

Ahhh, Thai
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