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May Holiday – Lisbon, Portugal

/ May 31, 2016/ photography

Good fresh food, inexpensive. The maritime museum is pretty interesting, given Portugal’s position in history regarding maritime trade and exploration. Belém Tower wasn’t so interesting – you climb some stairs and look out over the bay, and there was a dearth of information about the role the tower played in history. Monserrate Palace, on the other hand, was quite interesting…

A Great Day in Leamington Spa

/ May 12, 2016/ photography

Back at the end of 2015, a friend from Leamington/Warwick dropped me a line about wanting to re-create “A Great Day in Harlem” with musicians from the Leamington Spa area. For some reason, I agreed to help out, and a date was eventually set for early May of this year. We pored over Google Maps, Kel went to the various…