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  • Eir, an ONT, and OpenWRT without the F3000 modem

    Eir, an ONT, and OpenWRT without the F3000 modem

    Eir have finally offered their FTTH service in my area; the black box went up on the pole a few months ago, but it’s taken them a while to get it all hooked in. Installation was done about one week after I signed up for the service (reducing my bill by 30% for the next […]

  • Eir F3000 (F@st 5366) – bridge mode

    Eir F3000 (F@st 5366) – bridge mode

    After my adventures in getting the IP address of the router to change, I discovered that the unit won’t keep DHCP disabled. You can turn it off (since I wanted to do DHCP from the Pi-hole), but if you reboot the router it gets turned back on. Since two DHCP servers on the same network […]

  • Eir F3000 (F@st 5366) pains redux

    With Eir being unreachable via phone, I decided to poke the router they sent me, to see if I could tamper with the request that was causing issues. Basically, in the set of four requests that were XHR’d over to the router, I wanted to drop the first one. First stop, a tick in Firefox’s […]

  • Eir F3000 (F@st 5366) pains

    As a bid to save some money, I changed ISPs this week, and while the switchover was absolutely painless (compared to what it used to be like to change DSL providers), the lump of hardware Eir supply is a bit less than painless. The F3000 box that they send out is a Sagemcom device, potentially […]