• Getting and displaying tide data

    Getting and displaying tide data

    The DMYC has an IP camera pointed at the slip; the URL is very creative, it’s slipcam.dmyc.ie. Through the power of a Python script that knows how to talk to Twitter and another API, the image that gets sent to a browser has an overlay at the bottom with the current wind data from the…

  • Fixing a Seawolf 520 windlass

    Fixing a Seawolf 520 windlass

    The club committee boat, Hawaiian Goose (I have no idea how it got that name), has had a dodgy windlass for a while. Brian has spent the past week re-wiring it completely with large gauge cable, just in case it was a wiring fault that was causing grief. Symptoms: Windlass will start out just fine,…

  • First sail of 2019

    First sail of 2019

    After the wind, wet, and cold of the last few weeks, yesterday was pleasantly warm and somewhat sunny. The wind came up around noon, and there was but one thing to do – take Blue Opal out on a shake-down sail. Earlier in the week I’d fixed the yankee sheet (the wrong one had been…

  • DMYC September Series 2013

    DMYC September Series 2013

    The September Series is an annual set of races run by the DMYC. Some years I race, other years I’m the RO, and yet other years I’m in a RIB with a camera. This year, I was in a RIB.