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  • The saga of doom continues

    The saga of doom continues

    Ensuite The third bedroom has been stripped and re-rendered with sand/cement scratch. When this was happening, some tiles fell off the wall in the ensuite bathroom, revealing that behind the tiling is black mould of some sort. How it’s growing behind the tiles is beyond me. The Saniflow macerator also decided to have conniptions, leaking…

  • How did this place not burn down yet?

    How did this place not burn down yet?

    The de-joisting is continuing apace, and we’ve come up with a design to give the stairs some more headroom, a place to put a light to illuminate the stairs, and a way to deal with the re-joisting. Along the way, we’ve found that some of the removed joists have the weight of balsa wood, and…

  • Small progress

    Small progress

    Porch slab is laid, front door is back in place where it should be, and some more of the existing plasterboard has been removed to expose pipes and where to run the network cable. The plasterboard on the underside of the stairs has also been removed – not sure what for.

  • Down comes the ceiling

    Down comes the ceiling

    Yesterday saw the complete removal of floorboards in the back bedroom (barring the ones under the built-in wardrobe), the insulation and BRC being laid for the porch, the outside tap installed, the water main feed cored through the bathroom wall, the gas main feed cored through the kitchen wall, and an attempt was made to…

  • Re-joist, Re-joist

    Re-joist, Re-joist

    Alas, not “rejoice, rejoice”. When taking up the floorboards in the second bedroom today for the electrician, the builder discovered that the joists show water damage. He’s got the entire lot up now, and it looks like every joist in the back bedroom has suffered water damage to some extent, and all of them will…

  • One step forwards, two steps back

    One step forwards, two steps back

    I had asked the builder to take down a bit of MDF for me, while taking up the carpets and floorboards for the electrician, with the intent of making a set of shelves to fit in the space once all the making good had been done. Who tell me say dat? He took it down,…