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  • Patching up the rudder

    Patching up the rudder

    Towards the end of the last season, it was mentioned to me that a dinghy from the local sailing school had been observed colliding with Aslana. When she was lifted out, I discovered that a chunk of the rudder was no longer present. Today was the day to get the chunk repaired. A bit of […]

  • Live video – Dublin Bay

    Live video – Dublin Bay

    A clip from sailing in Dublin Bay, achieved by using a squeeze clamp to clamp my phone to the hatch. Originally broadcast on Facebook.

  • Live video – Killiney Bay

    Live video – Killiney Bay

  • Overhauling Iona

    Overhauling Iona

    A short clip from Saturday’s sail down to Greystones. I had been overhauling Iona quite quickly, so I furled the genoa some more to make for a slightly slower chase Even with just a partial genoa, she’s a fast boat – I’ve seen her hull, and it’s definitely that of a racing boat.

  • Harbour sailing

    Harbour sailing

      A clip from cruising up the eastern portion of Dun Laoghaire harbour; around the 5:30 mark, I pass a boat that I kind of like the look of – as I pass her, I get a gander at the builder’s plate. Pacific Seacraft. Figures.

  • Ghosting in to mooring

    Ghosting in to mooring

    Ghosting into mooring on the 30th of May this year. No engines were harmed in the making of this video.