Up at sparrow-fart time after a creaky night at anchor; left K sleeping in the berth while I enjoyed the sunrise and the early morning light (but not the chill). The wind had died off nicely, and it was a relatively calm morning.

It was a run out of the bay, with K at the helm while I sorted things out – 5.5 knots over ground from just the main on a run! We put the fishing line out as we passed the headland, and were soon rewarded with two mackerel. K caught the first one, and the second one jumped on the hook as I was paying the line out for the second attempt.

It was an uneventful sail otherwise, which was a nice change from the previous days of sailing. A lovely coastal sail, with interesting headlands, islands, and other sights ( like a wrecked ship, the MV Alta). Some very interesting lighthouses too.

Sailing to Ringabella Bay

Anchoring in Ringabella took a few tries – we were too close in shore initially, and the anchor kept bouncing – best I can tell, rocks. On the third go (with one more in the plan before turning for Crosshaven, as it was still only 1800 or so), we were further out, and the anchor held firm. Took two bearings, backed down on the engine, and we held steady. Anchor watch on, and pan fried mackerel with cherry tomatoes and spuds for dinner.

Ringabella is a lovely little anchorage for winds south through to north, but definitely not one to use in an easterly. Far less chop than Helvick the night before, which led to better sleep for both of us.

Total distance: 36.84 NM
Average speed: 4.47 knots
Total time: 08:11:11
Download file: Helvick to Ringabella.gpx
A Sailing Holiday – Helvick to Ringabella
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