I’ve been following a bunch of YouTube channels (like Mike Waldt’s) for over a year now, watching people turn wood into household furniture, pens, bowls etc. It’s been very soothing, and rather interesting (then add channels like AvE, This Old Tony, and so on for mechanical gubbins), and I’ve been a bit keen on converting the studio at the house into a workshop of some kind – partially for doing work on boat stuff, but also to get into turning.

I had the good fortune of checking out The Carpentry Store’s website about a month before Christmas, and noticed that they were offering a one day course/sampler in early January, using a local craftsman as the instructor. I figured it was best to drop the 150 EUR on the session to make sure that wood turning was something I want to take up, rather than spend the money getting all the gear and then finding that I really didn’t like doing it, I just liked watching it.

That’s the first bowl I’ve ever turned (I turned a spindle back in secondary school), and it was a joy.

My poor wallet.

Turning my first bowl
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