There appear to be two companies that do household garbage collection in my neck of the woods – Panda and Greyhound.

Panda have no pricing on their website, and their new customer page doesn’t exist. When I called them, I was given the following numbers

Type Per lift of bin (€) Per kg in bin(€)
Black (waste) 3.20 0.28
Green (recycle) 0.80 0.04
Brown (compost) 2.56 0.16

Assuming fortnightly collection of everything, just lifting the bins will cost me €160 per year, before the annual charge of €86. So I’m at €246 before I even factor in the weight charges. Payment is collected post-hoc every three months.

Assuming I had 16 kg of black waste per lift (to match Greyhound’s 32 kg/month), I’d be looking at an additional €112 with Panda.

Greyhound, on the other hand, have online signup, and list their prices up front. €16.50 per month (so €198/year), all in, bi-weekly lifts, 32 kg/month of black waste. No per-kg charge on the bins, no per-lift charge, no annual fee. Payment is monthly.

There’s no comparison – even if I’m not generating black waste at all, Panda is more expensive.

Of course, I can’t find any reviews of either company online, so this is a bit of a punt, but I think Greyhound will get my money for now.

Home waste disposal
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