Bequia Redux

Up at 06:00. Hot night, even with the windscoop. Came up on deck to find us pointing to the west, which is even more unusual than pointing to the south.

Some small entertainment on the ‘Sailing’ channel – a charter yacht arrived around 06:10, dropped anchor, lifted anchor, moved, dropped anchor, lifted anchor, moved and then dropped anchor again. They seemed to subscribe to the school of thought of “Drop the anchor and chain, pile it into full astern until it digs”, but that method doesn’t work very well in Bequia. Much better to drop anchor and some chain, tail back, let out chain, tail back, let out chain, gentle astern, check the anchor. Two ferries have headed for St. Vincent, along with an inter-island freighter.

Birds are dive-bombing in lower bay, must be fish. Bread boat water taxi has showed up, heading for ‘Reverie’, and the guard dog is barking