I’m currently sitting in a Premier Inn room in Crawley, West Sussex – a few miles from Gatwick Airport. “Why?”, I hear you ask (or maybe not [and my English is failing me, is that comma right?]). Just to pick up a friend tomorrow – it was easier to do the 122 miles today in daylight, when the traffic is light, rather than in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, when the M25 is bound to be gridlocked.

Internet access is via a non-encrypted wireless connection. I really need to sort out a VPN, either on this hosting, or on my DSL connection – I suppose I could VPN to work and set my default route through the VPN there. All the stuff that matters though (that I control) is protected by SSL, so there’s a modicum of privacy and security for some of my web browsing. There’s always a MITM attack, and I really need to work on testing that one day, just to work out how to attack a SSL connection without the browser noticing.

Brought Tzar with me, and some music CDs, but forgot that this laptop uses an external CD drive, so no Tzar for me tonight. Music has been sorted by a Last.FM installation though – the net access doesn’t block it (and appears to be a 1 Mbit connection).

No shuttle to the airport unfortunately, so I’ll have to scrounge up some change while I’m at the airport to pay for the parking.

Guess I’ll sit back, listen to the rock station on Last.FM and read Cryptonomicon.

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