Took last Friday off so I could get more work done on the house. Moved 1.5 tonnes of gravel with the help of a spade and wheelbarrow; sorted out the parking bay and all the gaping holes behind it. Got three quotes from estate agents, and had the place measured for carpeting. Did some touch-up work on gaps in the architraves, skirting etc.

Saturday saw the moving of Mum and Dad from the flat to their new house; 2 loads in a 3-ton van, and a bit of extra in the car. Unpacked stuff too. Fell in to bed.

Sunday saw more work on the house. Radiators are back on, but not yet tested. Rented a two-stroke powered disc cutter to chop the top off of some posts; hot knife through butter type effect. Wanted to use it to take a post out at the front of the parking bay, but it wouldn’t have been possible, and the post is bedded in several cubic feet of concrete. Therefore, the post got left in peace.

Hard labour
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