Calling the In-Game Browser in EVE Online a browser seems to be pushing the definition of the word.  I’m playing with some code that makes use of option lists, and option groups inside of those lists.  Every browser from about Netscape 4 supports option groups (and before that based on memory of some screenshots) – they let you take a big long list of items, and apply some kind of logical grouping so that the group header can’t be selected, but items under the header are indented slightly and selectable.

EVE’s browser, on the other hand, discards any notion of option groups.  This annoys me, because I spent about 2 minutes thinking of an elegant way to convert some SQL table output into option group lists.  I could have used those 2 minutes for something else.  Perhaps, one day, CCP will add just a bit more HTML compliance to their browser code.  Maybe.  I hope.

EVE Online’s browser…
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