Eeek, it’s October!

Long time, no post. Life has been rather upside down recently, not by choice, but when is it ever? Off to UberCon next week, though as an attendee, not staff (yay!). Browsing the Online Photographer, I came across this rather telling graphic. Nothing surprising about it to me, which is sad.

My ZyXEL died another death when I tried to downgrade it after an upgrade that didn’t seem to work. Total reset and a fresh upgrade and it’s happy. I think the ATM chip has trouble finding the signal on the phone line though, as a cheaper DSL modem that I have lying around seemed to work much better.

Oh, and my camera is meant to be ready today – after 6 weeks, I hope they’ve managed to quash the bug. Either way, it’s going to the US with me for the con as my only carry-on luggage!