While I wait for Zooomr to work for me again (my OpenID [TypeKey in reality, with an OpenID export] login keeps coming back as verification failed), I decided to play with one of the features of Zooomr on my own gallery – Lightbox.  With some grunting, application of large hammers and persistence, I’ve managed to hack Gallery (version 1) to support a lightboxified link for the resized images.  It isn’t something I can turn on and off per album yet, and I’m not sure if I’ll bother.

The only pain about Lightbox is that you have to let the page load completely before the Lightbox links work.  I might take a crowbar to Lightbox’s Javascript and Gallery’s PHP to make the Lightbox links unavailable until the page has finished loading.  Oh, and I deliberately avoided Lightbox 2, as it loads a 100 KB JS library for the fancy animations, and I wanted a nifty display method with minimal overhead 🙂

Lightboxifying my gallery
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