Years ago (heh), I worked for a .edu in the USA, same place I got my BS degree.  At the time, my boss preferred Microsoft to the campus choice of Novell’s Netware.  We had the odd stealth Linux server, and even an RS/6000 running AIX (as a web server no less), in the web/Internet department, and all of class scheduling, billing, payroll etc ran on an AS/400.

After I graduated, I worked full-time for a year under another boss – the guy who ran the farm of Netware servers.  Funnily enough, more and more Microsoft servers were showing up.  I had fun writing code that ran under Netware’s Perl, complete with NDS authentication.  I also wrote stuff in ASP and VB.

Today, I hear through the grapevine that Groupwise is out, replaced by Exchange, and NDS will be replaced by AD by next year.

Odd, they were such a bastion of Netware, and I actually liked Netware 6 (perhaps it was because the local console ran X?).

C’est la vie.

From Netware to Microsoft
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