For the past few weekends, I’ve been working on the house, with the help of my parents. The first room to go under the putty knife is the bathroom – we’ve ripped out the old, tired wooden panelling, patched multiple holes in the wall, given the radiator a nice coat of gloss white paint and redone the walls in a nice pale blue. Taking the radiator out led to a leak – though luckily it was at the T-valve, not in the welds of the copper pipe! Ripped up a few floorboards to track that one down, so those got replaced.

Having discovered that we can replace the tongue-and-groove flooring fairly easily, we’ve replaced several other dodgy boards, and created an access hatch to one of the main wiring points. Something like 4 heating pipes and 8 different wires travel through the hatch area, so it made sense. This weekend also involved the construction of an Ikea Kullen wardrobe. We only made one mistake, right at the beginning, and it took 2 hours to put it all together. With the wardrobe done, all of my clothing is now out of the travel bags (where they’ve been for 6 months+) and into the various shelves and drawers. I can see parts of my bedroom floor again, and the wardrobe takes up an alcove that would have been hard to fill otherwise.

Upgrading the house
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