I’ve often wondered what the hoopla over the Apple iPod was about.

Today I met an iPod. Stark, simple, tactile, functional. I’m not so sure on the menu interface yet, but beyond that it’s fairly brilliant. Simple smooth touches to the click-dial and things happen. It’s a tad sensitive for my massive fingers, but that’s probably adjustable somewhere. If it isn’t, shame on Apple.

I’ve looked at what Apple have to offer, and there’s the new version that blends the standard iPod and the iPod photo. That is very tempting, even at 209 quid, as I do take a fair number of photos, and having a portable storage device that can also hold my 26 GB music library? Bonus! So, time for a long think, as I’m trying to put money towards the house fund right now. Would be neat to have it at RIAT 2005.

iPods. Now I understand the hoopla.
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2 thoughts on “iPods. Now I understand the hoopla.

  • 2018-10-01 at 07:53

    I could have sworn I let you play with my iPod at some point. Oh well, at least you’re getting to now.

    Yeah, the new ones are pretty darn slick. While I miss the physical scrollwheel of the first version, the new touchpad system is still really effective. As for using it as photo storage: Belkin (others probably) make a card reader attachment for your ipod that will allow you to offload your card directly into your ipod, turning it into a digital wallet. For those of us that are trigger happy, WELL worth the money. 🙂 — Nabil (recovered comment)

  • 2018-10-01 at 07:54

    Nope 🙂 Friday was the first day I ever played with an iPod. The Apple store has the ~20 quid cable style adapter, and the ~60 quid Belkin card reader. The only drawback is the 60 GB version costs 299 quid, while the 20 GB is 209 quid. The 20 is thus too small to act as a backup for my 26 GB music archive, and the 60 is a tad expensive. — Duncan (recovered comment)

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