I had just been remarking to a friend the other day about how stable my Force9 ADSL connection is. Silly me forgot to do all the usual superstitious stuff like knocking on wood when I said that. Wednesday last week, my line died at 9:22 A.M. Didn’t think much of it, I’m used to the line rebooting once in a while when BT do something at the exchange. Got home that evening and found that the line wouldn’t come back – no DSL signal present on the line. Went through the whole rigmarole of acquiring a different bit of DSL kit (which I need to return), changing filters etc. Nothing. Raised a support ticket with F9 and waited.

Next day the ticket gets a response saying ‘BT say the line is OK.’ Respond with a ‘No it isn’t, there’s no signal at all, and I’ve tried multiple bits of kit.’ So Friday rolls around and the issue gets escalated to BT. It’ll take BT 48 – 72 hours to respond, not including weekends. Short ending is that by the time I got home on Tuesday morning after installing some SAN hardware in Manchester, my DSL was active again.

I hate dialup. I really do.

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