I must admit, I’ve meant to put together a personal website of some kind for years now. I’ve been using the ‘net since the mid-90s, when 9600 bps modems were über-fast, and über-expensive. I think I still had a 2400 at the time, but I can’t remember if it was a coupler or RJ-11 variant. Dial-up was into a VMS machine, run by Cable and Wireless (or Clueless and Witless, depending on who you ask). Once logged in, a simple menu came up – Telnet, FTP, E-Mail, Kermit. The e-mail client must have been from hell, as it required a keyboard with PF keys. I had one, but I could never work out just what keystrokes needed to be mapped.

Telnet and FTP were both metered services – but Kermit.. well, they had forgotten to disable the telnet capability of kermit, and it wasn’t metered! One ‘Internet Directory’ book later, and I was on the net, poking at freenets. An eco-oriented one became my home for a while, and from there I found talkers, lynx and MUDs. What a fun time it was.

Anyway.. personal homepage. I’ve never had a useful one, despite a desire to post book reviews, photos etc. Perhaps I’ll manage to do it for once. Then again, this might just be a passing fad for me – it’s only taken me 18+ months to decide to play with a blogger.

So, a blog huh?
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