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Posts about Aslana, a Pandora International built in 1974.

Replacement sails ordered

/ December 19, 2012/ sailing

Confirmed the order for new sails with the sailmaker and sent the deposit. Also managed to get her sail number re-registered with the ISA, so she’s officially IRL 481 again.

Shrouds complete

/ December 12, 2012/ sailing

The last set of shrouds have been installed. The mast and rigging work is now complete and the sailmaker will hopefully come past this weekend to measure Aslana for a new set of sails (genoa and main). Barring all the small jobs, like the rudder, water tank, electrics and anti-fouling paint, she’s ready for the season. Of course, all those…

Identifying the old bits

/ December 11, 2012/ sailing

After perusing the manufacturer’s brochure for the Pandora International, I’ve realised that the following items (minimum) are probably from 1974: until yesterday, her boom (or at least it was the exact same layout) her rudder the hand pump in the galley (which is getting replaced) the sliding table on port the put-away table on starboard the bulkheads the orange curtains…