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  • Rebuilding Cricalix.Net – Part 4

    While on holiday, I read a forum post that mentioned a “new” web server called Caddy. I took a look at it, and was intrigued by the integrated TLS certificate renewal using Let’s Encrypt. With NGINX or Apache, I have to run Certbot or similar to maintain the certificates, and I have to deal with […]

  • Rebuilding Cricalix.Net – Part 3

    Rebuilding Cricalix.Net – Part 3

    Stumbling blocks and annoyances NGINX and certbot’s default permissions EFF’s certbot writes certificates to /etc/letsencrypt/live/<certificate hostname>/<files>.pem, and sets the permissions to only allow root to read the files. This makes sense from the perspective of a system where processes that need certificates will probably spawn as root, read the certificates to memory, and then spawn […]