While digging around for the supporting paperwork for a passport application, I came across a blue folder with the name of the college (Pennsylvania College of Technology) I attended in the US. Somehow, even though it’s decades distant, I still have my undergraduate transcript and the B.Sc. certificate.

For posterity:

Semester Course Title Grade Major/Support
Life EET105 Microcomputer Maintenance S
Barbados Community College PHS114 Physics with Technological Applications S
PHS115 College Physics 1 S
Spring 1998 CSC116 Compuer Programming 1 A M
CSC123 Introduction to Computer Schence A M
ENL111 English Composition 1 A S
MGT115 Principles of Management A S
May 1998 MTH180 College Algebra & Trigonometry 1 A S
June 1998 ACC112 Accounting 1 A S
OFT101 Keyboarding and its Applications A S
Fall 1998 CSC122 Introduction to Command Language Programming A M
CSC126 Computer Programming 2 A M
ENL201 Technical and Professional Communication B S
MGT230 Business Communications B S
MTH182 College Algebra & Trigonometry 2 A S
Spring 1999 CSC128 COBOL Programming 1 A M
CSC230 Computer Systems with Assembler A M
CSC260 Network Administration and Maintenance A M
FIT109 Table Tennis A S
PHL111 Introduction to Philosophy Analysis A S
SPC201 Interpersonal Communication B S
June 1999 CSC226 Data Structures A M
Fall 1999 CSC238 COBOL Programming 2 A M
CSC299 Intro to Java Programming B M
CSC307 Computer Law and Ethics B M
CSC310 Data Communications A M
EET110 DC-AC Basics A S
Spring 2000 CSC258 Programming in RPG A S
FIT205 Coping with Stress A S
MGT248 Supervision and Human Relations B S
MTH160 Elementary Statistics with Computer Applications B S
PHL299 Minds, Brains, Computers A S
SOC111 Introduction to Sociology A S
Summer 2000 HIS262 Technology and Society A S
Fall 2000 CSC240 File and Database Processing A M
CSC360 Telecommunications Concepts A M
CSC370 Operating Systems Concepts A M
CSC460 “Needs Assessment” (probably senior project) A M
Spring 2001 CED1013 Cooperative Education 1 A M
CSC420 Network Operating Systems A M
CSC497 Network Design and Management A M
SOC270 Death and Dying A S
Summer 2001 FIT192 Walking and Physical Fitness A S
Fall 2001 ART133 Introduction to Art B S
EET204 Network Installation and Maintenance A M
EET205 Network Maintenance Laboratory A S
Computer Information Technology: Data Communications and Networking Concentration

I have no memory of ever doing assembler in CSC230, and goodness knows what CED1013 was about; actually, that might have been work experience, as I was doing part-time work at the college in the IT department while also getting my degree. The Java programming class was a bit of a farce, as the professor didn’t know the language they were teaching (or that’s how I remember it at least).

It’s sort of interesting to look back at my degree, and remember that while my major was data communications/networks, I did a lot of programming electives to ensure that I had a fall-back in case I couldn’t get a networking job. These days, I do programming to support the building of physical network infrastructure. Funny that.

And to think I almost ended up in Mankato.

Nostalgia, of sorts