While digging around for the supporting paperwork for a passport application, I came across a blue folder with the name of the college (Pennsylvania College of Technology) I attended in the US. Somehow, even though it’s decades distant, I still have my undergraduate transcript and the B.Sc. certificate.

For posterity:

LifeEET105Microcomputer MaintenanceS
Barbados Community CollegePHS114Physics with Technological ApplicationsS
PHS115College Physics 1S
Spring 1998CSC116Compuer Programming 1AM
CSC123Introduction to Computer SchenceAM
ENL111English Composition 1AS
MGT115Principles of ManagementAS
May 1998MTH180College Algebra & Trigonometry 1AS
June 1998ACC112Accounting 1AS
OFT101Keyboarding and its ApplicationsAS
Fall 1998CSC122Introduction to Command Language ProgrammingAM
CSC126Computer Programming 2AM
ENL201Technical and Professional CommunicationBS
MGT230Business CommunicationsBS
MTH182College Algebra & Trigonometry 2AS
Spring 1999CSC128COBOL Programming 1AM
CSC230Computer Systems with AssemblerAM
CSC260Network Administration and MaintenanceAM
FIT109Table TennisAS
PHL111Introduction to Philosophy AnalysisAS
SPC201Interpersonal CommunicationBS
June 1999CSC226Data StructuresAM
Fall 1999CSC238COBOL Programming 2AM
CSC299Intro to Java ProgrammingBM
CSC307Computer Law and EthicsBM
CSC310Data CommunicationsAM
EET110DC-AC BasicsAS
Spring 2000CSC258Programming in RPGAS
FIT205Coping with StressAS
MGT248Supervision and Human RelationsBS
MTH160Elementary Statistics with Computer ApplicationsBS
PHL299Minds, Brains, ComputersAS
SOC111Introduction to SociologyAS
Summer 2000HIS262Technology and SocietyAS
Fall 2000CSC240File and Database ProcessingAM
CSC360Telecommunications ConceptsAM
CSC370Operating Systems ConceptsAM
CSC460“Needs Assessment” (probably senior project)AM
Spring 2001CED1013Cooperative Education 1AM
CSC420Network Operating SystemsAM
CSC497Network Design and ManagementAM
SOC270Death and DyingAS
Summer 2001FIT192Walking and Physical FitnessAS
Fall 2001ART133Introduction to ArtBS
EET204Network Installation and MaintenanceAM
EET205Network Maintenance LaboratoryAS
Computer Information Technology: Data Communications and Networking Concentration

I have no memory of ever doing assembler in CSC230, and goodness knows what CED1013 was about; actually, that might have been work experience, as I was doing part-time work at the college in the IT department while also getting my degree. The Java programming class was a bit of a farce, as the professor didn’t know the language they were teaching (or that’s how I remember it at least).

It’s sort of interesting to look back at my degree, and remember that while my major was data communications/networks, I did a lot of programming electives to ensure that I had a fall-back in case I couldn’t get a networking job. These days, I do programming to support the building of physical network infrastructure. Funny that.

And to think I almost ended up in Mankato.

Nostalgia, of sorts