Work has some nice perks, such as an “analogue” space, where workshops are periodically held – calligraphy, photography, sewing, leathercraft etc. Last week, I had a space in my calendar that lined up with a a leathercraft workshop that was being run by the Dublin Leather Store. For this first workshop (there are a few more scheduled for the year), we worked with some un-dyed leather and made leather bracelets. In a fit of inspiration, I decided to make one for K (since I probably wouldn’t wear it, I don’t even wear a watch). This proved to be a bit difficult, in no small part because I don’t actually know the circumference of K’s wrist. I shall have to remedy this, but we’ll see if this one fits.

The workshop, run by a gent called Kasper, covered some basic leathercraft tools and techniques, a dyeing process (I chose a shade called “wheat”), doing an “impossible braid” in the worked leather, and touched lightly on the types of leather available. All in all, good fun; I’ll be going to the next few workshops if I can.

Leathercraft – Bracelet
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