Back at the end of 2015, a friend from Leamington/Warwick dropped me a line about wanting to re-create “A Great Day in Harlem” with musicians from the Leamington Spa area. For some reason, I agreed to help out, and a date was eventually set for early May of this year. We pored over Google Maps, Kel went to the various locations and took photos, and we eventually settled on using the clock tower in Jephson Gardens as the backdrop.

We also gambled on the weather being good, and it really couldn’t have been better. Good sunshine, clear skies. I rented an ultra-wide lens, because nothing I owned was capable of capturing the expected number of musicians, especially if they were only a few ranks deep – the clock tower didn’t have the benefit of a flight of stairs in front of it. The result, if I may say so myself, was pretty good (and written up in various local papers, as well as being broadcast on the local radio station).

A Great Day In Leamington Spa.

Front row from left – Joe Archer, Paul Swanson, Chris Jones, Dave Male, Leo Steeds, Carol Whitworth, Tomo Sugisaka, Adam Phillips, Hugh Rashleigh, Wes Finch, Kelvin Leitch, Matt Lakey, Jonathan Waller, Matt Hernandez, Nathan Anderson-Barr, Bill Bates.

Second row – Emily Knight, Matt Ball, Tim Port , Hannah Tobin, Chris Tobin, Anthony Gliddon, Jimmy Lapworth, Steve Roberts, Chris Gibbons, Rupam Barthakur, Jenny Barthakur, Kel Elliott, Glen Elliott, Paul Elliott, Craig Powell, Biddy, Jude Ratcliffe, Harry Lightfoot, Thom Kirkpatrick, Bob Cooper, Cat McTigue, Rio Hellyer, Shanade Morrow.

Third row and beyond – Paul Otten , Ash Hopkins, Alex Banthien, Juliet Green, Adrian Litvinoff, Jayne Luckett, Matt Poulson, Martin Luckhurst, Jon Blackford, Luca Rusnighi, Anoushka, Louis Adam, Gary Tedstone, James Green, Mark Steeds, Dan Sealey, Adam Barry, Jay Riley, Tom Voce, Alan Moores, Dominic Byrne, Martin Smith, Jack Shuttleworth, Steve Walwyn, Ian Briggs, Martin Cure, John McIntosh, Chris Wright, Adam Jurewicz, Steve Skidmore, Steve Aaron, Roger Davison, Malc Evans, Paul Englefield, Wayne Matthews, Terry Villars, Steve Steinhaus, Jools Street, Clint Bruder, Ian Gilbert, Dave Page, Jezz Rogers, Holly Hewitt, John Wright, Sophie vassalos, Liz Ralls, Adam ‘Stix’ Mills, Steve Boyer, Mick Cox, Keith Nickless, Kate Vassalos, Chris Bicknell.

Jazz Hands!
A Great Day in Leamington Spa
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