So the gas fitter came and went, but not without remarking that there were no mounting brackets for the hob, and that the plinth below the oven needs a 12 mm gap to be legal. Steve is apparently available on Thursday to fix that issue, so the plinth is off for now.

All that’s left is to fix the holes in the wall where the gas pipe and electrics are channelled in, skim the lot and put up a backsplash. Oh, and return the leftovers to Howdens (still in their packaging) and get a credit back on my card. Seen a nice bit of coloured/frosted glass as a backsplash in one of the retailer brochures, so I might go that route behind the stove, and then use either the same glass all the way around the cooking area, or a row of tiles. Or perhaps something else, I need to see what I can do.

I’ll probably go and buy a chicken tonight, as a good roast chicken would go down very well as a first calibration test of the oven. Of course, I’ll probably burn it as I get used to baking with gas instead of electricity, but that’s life. Once I know how gas marks relate to heat, I’ve got a pile of cooking to do 🙂 It’s been so long since I had an oven (Madeley I think), and I’m itching to roast and bake food.

Day 8 of the kitchen installation…
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