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Posts about Aslana, a Pandora International built in 1974.

Building better bases for the coachroof winches

/ March 19, 2017/ sailing

After I sailed Aslana for a while, I decided to re-fit her for single-handed sailing. This meant leading lots of lines back to the cockpit, and upgrading the captive winches to self-tailers. The ones on the coachroof were installed at a bad angle relative to the triple clutches ahead of them, so this winter has seen me taking them back…

Finishing off the rudder for Aslana

/ March 19, 2017/ sailing

With the primer on, I picked one of the bright white Toplac paints for the upper half of Aslana’s rudder. The first coat had to be sanded back off, as the roller brush left a bunch of “lint” all over the surface. That’ll teach me to use a cheapish roller when using gloss paint. The second go-round was done with…

Priming the rudder

/ February 12, 2017/ sailing

With the damaged portion of the rudder repaired, it’s time to paint the rudder. Priming coat first, second priming coat in two days if needed, and then I need to decide on a topcoat colour. Mind you, since I’m selling her, I might stop at primer and leave it to the last moment to put the top coat on, in…

Patching up the rudder

/ February 11, 2017/ sailing

Towards the end of the last season, it was mentioned to me that a dinghy from the local sailing school had been observed colliding with Aslana. When she was lifted out, I discovered that a chunk of the rudder was no longer present. Today was the day to get the chunk repaired. A bit of two-part epoxy that’s like very…

Handrails and the coachroof

/ January 5, 2013/ sailing

Spent 5 hours working on Aslana today. Started the repair to the forward hatch coaming; it’ll get finished on the next sunny day, so that the epoxy will have at least semi-set when I close the hatch for the night. Today was about 12 degrees C, so just enough to get the first batch setting properly before I left for…